Monin Green Apple Syrup


Add a vibrant dash of colour to your favourites cocktails with this Green Apple Monin Syrup. Perfect for creating the Appletini! Its crisp refreshing taste can be enhance by combining with other tart flavours or by mixing with sweet rich notes.
Incredibly versatile and can be used to flavour a number of beverages hot or cold such as; cocktails, smoothies, teas, lemonades, sodas and fruit punches.
Suitable for use at home when brushing up on your mixology skills and also suitable for commercial settings such as cocktail bars and even kitchens for culinary applications such as dressing desserts.

Please note – E102 may have an adverse affect on activity and attention in children.
Kosher-Friendly GMO-Free Vegan



Product Features:
• Green apple flavoured syrup
• Perfect for making cocktails
• Ideal for use in smoothies, cocktails, sodas, lemonades, teas and fruit punches
• Suitable for commercial or home use
• Store in cool, dry place
• Kosher-Friendly GMO-Free Vegan

• Sugar
• Water
• Concentrated green apple juice
• Acidifying agent: citric acid
• Flavouring
• Colouring agents: E102, E133
• Green apple juice: 10% minimum

Nutritional Information (per 100g):
• Energy: 339(kcal)
• Total Carbohydrates: 82.4g
• Of which sugars: 81.1g

Brand: Monin

• Height: 315mm
• Diameter: 80mm
• Volume: 700ml
• Weight: 1.36kg


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