Jalapino Syrup For Cocktails


Made with ground American Jalapeno peppers, this Funkin Jalapeño Syrup ensures all your cocktails have a fiery chilli flavour. This syrup is perfect for adding some heat to a cocktail classic and great for creating for a Margarita with a spicy kick!

Using all natural ingredients, this cocktails syrup is ideal for bars, restaurants and at home. This Funkin syrup comes in a 36cl screw top bottle and is easy to store.

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Product Features:
• Funkin cocktail syrup
• Perfect for commercial or domestic use
• Ideal for professional mixologists
• Made from ground American Jalapeno peppers
• The mix uses all natural ingredients
• Easy to store
• Fiery pepper flavour
• Comes in a screw top 36cl bottle

• Sugar
• Jalapeño pepper juice concentrate (36%)
• Salt
• Acidity corrector: citric acid

Nutrition information (typical values per 100ml)
• Energy: 1040kJ/249kcal
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrates: 61g
• of which sugars: 59g
• Protein: 0.2g
• Salt: 0.4g

Brand: Funkin

• Volume: 360ml
• Height: 240mm
• Diameter: 60mm
• Weight: 752g


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