Ginger Syrup For Cocktails


This Funkin Ginger Syrup is made with spicy ginger root from South America that is crushed into a paste and then infused with hot water and sweetened with pure sugar cane. This flavorsome balanced syrup adds the right amount of spice and heat to any cocktail.

This versatile syrup is ideal for cocktail making in bars, restaurants or at home, it comes in a 36cl screw top bottle and is easy to store.

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Product Features:
• Funkin cocktail syrup
• Perfect for commercial or domestic use
• Ideal for professional mixologists
• Made from a ginger paste from a spicy ginger root and pure sugar cane
• The mix uses all natural ingredients
• Easy to store
• Comes in a screw top 36cl bottle
• Rich, spiced flavour

• Sugar
• Water,
• Ginger (11.9%)
• Acidity regulator: citric acid, chilli powder

Brand: Funkin

• Volume: 360ml
• Height: 240mm
• Diameter: 60mm
• Weight: 752g


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